User-friendly charts, tables, and converters to simplify tasks involving measurements, tool selection and conversions.

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Conversion Charts 101

A person using sockets from an SAE and metric socket set

A conversion chart serves as a guide for users navigating different measurement systems, notably standard (SAE) and metric units. This invaluable resource facilitates seamless transitions between various fastener sizes, ensuring precision in projects.

Essentially, these charts are indispensable when working with fasteners that span different measurement units. They provide a swift means of finding equivalent sizes, guaranteeing the right fit for sockets and bolts.

Conversion charts are especially beneficial in sectors such as automotive, construction, and DIY tasks, where maintaining accuracy is paramount. Having the right chart at your disposal streamlines the process, contributing to the efficiency of your projects.

Frequently Asked

Does LRFIX offer free tools?
Yes, LRFIX provides free to use charts, tables, and calculators. Access them on this website(
Can I customize the charts?
Yes, with some coding knowledge. LRFIX will customize them for you if you need, send us a request.
How often are the tools updated?
Tools are constantly updated for reliable data and usability improvement purposes. They are regularly maintained.
Can I embed them on my site?
Yes, with some limitations. Our free tools may be used on an attribution model, meaning it must be clear they come from LRFIX. Some LRFIX tools, however, are not free and come from Google Play(apps) for a small fee. These are copyright and cannot be re-published without express permission. Don't worry, we plan to keep most tools free, forever.