LR Fix provides guidance to diagnose, upgrade, service, troubleshoot and restore older small engines. Save time and money by fixing common ATV, chainsaw, blower, mower and other small engine issues yourself.

About Small Engine Repair

Troubleshooting, repairing and restoring small engines yourself can save you money and help keep them out of the landfill.

Repairing and maintaining small engines helps protect the environment by ensuring they run as efficiently as possible. Getting more life out of your small engines can also reduce the need to manufacture as many replacements.

small engine

I've been fixing small engine powered equipment for over 30 years and find restoring older out-of-production machines especially satisfying. Leon.

Tools and Charts

LR Fix has small engine tools and charts to reference before you fix. For example, you can use our socket size conversion chart and bolt size chart when you need to switch between Metric and Standard tools.

Other helpful small engine charts and tools include a 2-cycle gas oil mix ratio chart and a HP to CC conversion chart. To diagnose a small engine electrical issue use the ignition coil resistance chart.

Small Engine Basics

Some small engine restoration and repair topics are universal and apply to all gas powered small engines.

Knowing which is the best oil for small engines or how to diagnose 2-cycle exhaust leak symptoms is especially helpful because you can apply the knowledge to all small engine powered machines.

If you're interested in restoring vintage small engines LR Fix can show you how to paint over chrome plastic or the differences between satin black vs matte black paints, among other things.

Welcome to LR Fix where we try to answer your small engine repair and restoration questions. We also discuss how to start a small engine side hustle if earning a little extra money from home with small engine repairs interests you.

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