All About Echo Chainsaws

By: Leon Rhodes

Founded in 1972 as the Kioritz Corporation of America, based in Japan, the company was re-branded to Echo in 1979. Soon after Echo became a household name in the consumer power equipment market by selling chain saws, trimmers and other hand-held gear.

About Echo Chainsaws

As older chainsaw models go out of production information about them becomes more scarce, however, thanks to their durability many are still in use today. These are answers to 23 of the most often asked questions I get about vintage Echo chainsaws.

  1. Who makes Echo chainsaws?

    Echo chainsaws are manufactured by the Yamabiko Corporation located at 1-7-2 Suehirocho, Ohme, Tokyo 198-8760 JAPAN. Echo currently has overseas subsidiaries located in Illinois(USA), North Dakota(USA), Arizona(USA), California(USA), Ontario(Canada), Guangdong Province(China), Jiangsu Province(China), Taichung City(Taiwan), Binh Duong Province(Vietnam) and Wavre(Belgium) resulting in a truly global network.

  2. Are Echo chainsaws as good as Stihl chainsaws?

    Both companies offer a wide range of overlapping chainsaw models, the difference for the home consumer is currently very competitive. The best Echo chainsaws are comparable to the best Stihl chainsaws, however, where Stihl pulls ahead slightly is in the little details, a result of decades of patented innovation.

  3. Is Echo or Husqvarna better?

    Both companies make quality products for the home consumer market, which is better for you depends on your individual needs. Husqvarna is more likely to have the best chainsaw for your specific needs because they currently offer a wider range of models and options than Echo. Echo, on the other hand, offers a wider selection of other home power equipment including trimmers, edgers and leaf blowers.

  4. Which Echo chainsaws are the best-selling professional grade?

    Currently the best-selling Echo chainsaws for professional use, according to the number of positive reviews, are the CS-501P 50.2 cc and the CS-7310P 73.5 cc X-Series models. X-Series models currently meet demand for performance and reliability.

  5. Is Echo a good brand of chainsaw?

    Echo has subsidiaries and distributorship around the globe because they've earned the reputation of being a good brand. It takes years of development, trial and error and innovation to become the best and Echo has put in the hard work to earn their rep.

  6. Are Echo chainsaws American made?

    The Echo corporation is based in Japan but, with four factories in the U.S., many Echo chainsaws and parts are made in the USA. Those American factories are located in Illinois, North Dakota, Arizona and California.

  7. Is Echo owned by Husqvarna?

    No, Echo and Husqvarna are owned by two separate companies. Echo is owned by the Yamabiko Corporation based in Japan while Husqvarna is owned by the Husqvarna AB Group based in Sweden.

  8. How long will an Echo chainsaw last?

    An echo chainsaw can last 10 years or more, if it is properly maintained, before needing repairs. To get the most life from your echo chainsaw use a proper mix of oil/fuel, change the air filter regularly and drain the fuel system when storing the saw for a long period.

  9. What is Echo's current largest chainsaw?

    Echo's largest chainsaw for the 2021 consumer market is the CS-800P model with its 80.7 cc engine. The biggest Echo chainsaw ever made would be the CS-1201 model with its 116.3 cc engine. The CS-1201 model was not marketed in the US due to non-compliance with E.P.A regulation.

  10. What is the most powerful echo chainsaw?

    The professional CS-1201 model is Echo's most powerful chainsaw. With a 116.3 cc engine, an adjustable automatic oiler, a 36 inch bar and a weight of 23.3 lbs, chainsaw experience is required to operate it safely. The US Environmental Protection Agency(E.P.A.) sets consumer product pollution limits and since the CS-1201 does not meet them it is not available for sale in the United States.

  11. Is the Echo CS 490 a good chainsaw?

    The Echo CS 490 is a professional grade chainsaw with excellent reviews. It currently has an 86% positive rating on Amazon(3 stars or more) and received a 4.2 star rating after 500 reviews as a best seller for Home Depot. I own a CS 490 and have no complaints, if I did I'd write about it.

  12. Can you use a Stihl chain on an Echo saw?

    Using a chain manufactured for a different brand of chainsaw is not recommended. This is because, even with identical length chains, there are critical differences in thickness which could cause the chain and bar to wear more quickly.

  13. Are Shindaiwa and Echo Chainsaws the same?

    Shindaiwa and Echo chainsaws are both manufactured by Yamabiko Corp. They are currently identical saws with different colors and names. Shindaiwa and Echo replacement parts are also interchangeable. This may change in the future.

  14. Are Echo chainsaws professional grade?

    Echo chainsaws are not all professional grade, Echo also makes non-professional grade saws for the home consumer market. Echo does, however, manufacture a dedicated X-Series line of powerful and durable professional grade saws.

  15. What fuel do Echo chainsaws use?

    Echo chainsaws have two-stroke engines that require a 50 to 1 mixture of unleaded gasoline and two-stroke motor oil. Additionally, to prevent carburetor fouling, it is recommended that the gasoline used contains no more than 10% Ethanol.

  16. What's the smallest Echo chainsaw?

    Echo manufactures a tiny CS-2511T model saw which weighs just 5.2 lbs and has a 12-inch bar. It is promoted as their smallest saw perfect for light-duty home use and is powered by a small, easy to use, 26.9 cc engine.

  17. How much does the ECHO CS 490 weigh?

    The Echo CS 490 model of chainsaw weighs 10.6 lbs. It is powered by a 50.2 cc professional grade 2-stroke engine and has a 20" bar. According to Echo it is the lightest chainsaw in its class though class is not defined.

  18. How many cc's is an echo CS 490?

    Engine displacement of Echo's CS 490 chainsaw is officially 50.2 cc. The CS 490 Chain and bar has 16', 18' and 20' length options and the saw weighs 10.6 lbs dry. An automatic adjustable clutch driven oiling system rounds out its best features.

  19. How do I fix my flooded Echo chainsaw?

    Common chainsaw flooding can often be fixed by turning off the choke and turning the engine over several times. On occasion the flooding is severe enough to cause a hydro-lock condition in which case removing the spark plug to drain fuel from the combustion chamber is required.

  20. How do you oil an Echo chainsaw?

    Echo chainsaws are manufactured with an automatic oiling system and flow is preset at the factory. You can adjust the flow by turning the oiler control screw located at the front of the chainsaw next to the bar, pull-cord side.

  21. Which Echo chainsaws are professional?

    Every Echo chainsaw in the 2022 X-Series model line is a professional grade saw. There are currently 28 X-Series model chainsaws divided into 9 categories, each rated by Echo for the professional class.

  22. Why does my Echo chainsaw leak bar oil?

    On Echo chainsaws oil flows from the reservoir to the guide bar via an adjustable automatic oiler system. If bar oil flows excessively, or leaks when not in use, the oiling system may need adjustment or the vent cap may need replacement.

  23. How do I adjust the oiler on my Echo chainsaw?

    Find the oil-adjustment screw located on the front of your Echo chainsaw next to the bar, on the pull-cord side. Using a flat-head screwdriver turn the screw clockwise to reduce the flow of oil and counter-clockwise to increase it.

I hope that helped answer some of your Echo chainsaw related questions, if you need help in answering others feel free to send them to me.

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