About LR Fix

LR Fix shares small engine related knowledge, reviews, and guides with everyone, free of charge. It’s our hope that readers benefit from our repair experience and learn how to fix their own lawn mower, chainsaw, leaf blower and other outdoor power equipment issues.

We focus primarily on gas-powered small engine issues, tools, and DIY repair information. As the world transitions to green renewable energy, so will LR Fix. Electric powered motors are the probable successor to gas-powered small engines. Join us to learn more about interesting industry news and developments.

Our goal is to help readers maintain, restore, and repair their power equipment to, hopefully, keep it out of landfills and salvage yards a while longer. With proper maintenance, small engines can last for many decades. Leon knows, ask him about his collection of old Homelite chainsaws.

Author: Leon Rhodes

Hi, I’m Leon, founder of LR Fix. I have over 25 years experience restoring outdoor power equipment, and a passion for vintage small engines.
Contact Leon on Twitter @Leon. Leon is also a member of the Outdoor Power Equipment Forum. Have a question? Join the conversation!

Leon's Homelite Chainsaw Collection