About LR Fix

Our goal is to help readers maintain, troubleshoot, and repair their own outdoor power equipment to keep it running smoothly. It helps the environment, it can help the pocket book and, just as importantly, it promotes a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Fixing your own stuff is very rewarding.

LR Fix offers guidance and tips to help owners maintain, troubleshoot and repair the small engines powering their chainsaws, lawn mowers, and other home and garden power equipment.

We provide help with outdoor power equipment related topics including lawn mower repair, small engine tools, chainsaw repair, and more.

As the world transitions to green renewable energy, so is LR FIX.

Electric powered motors are the likely successor to gas-powered small engines. Join us in learning more about interesting outdoor power equipment industry related technological advancements.

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Author: Leon Rhodes

Hi, I’m Leon, founder of LR Fix. I have over 25 years experience restoring outdoor power equipment, and a passion for vintage small engines.

I enjoy helping people with their small engine side hustle because DIY repairs are rewarding and can be profitable.

I also have a passion for restoring older power equipment, I have a collection of old Homelite chainsaws that I’m particularly fond of.

Leon is a member of the Outdoor Power Equipment Forum. Have a question? Join the conversation!

Leon's Homelite Chainsaw Collection