LRFIX is dedicated to providing you with charts, tables, guides, and converters to help you master the tools you use in your automotive, construction, and DIY tasks.

In a world inundated with data, charts are powerful tools that transform complex information into clear visual representations.

Our mission is to empower individuals, students, professionals, and data enthusiasts with the understanding and skills to create, interpret, and utilize conversion charts effectively.

LRFIX Provides Chart Mastery Tailored to Your Tools

Socket Size Conversion: Explore the world of socket sizes with our detailed charts. From standard to metric units, master the art of seamless conversions, ensuring precision in every project.

Precision in in/ft lbs Conversion: Navigate the intricacies of in/ft lbs with our dedicated charts. Unlock the precision required for torque applications, making your tasks smoother and more efficient.

Bolt Size Charts Simplified: Demystify the realm of bolts with our comprehensive size charts. Find the perfect fit for your fasteners, whether you're working on automotive projects, construction tasks, or DIY endeavors.

Our Team:

LRFIX charts and calculators are written by, and reviewed by, qualified industry professionals.

Jean H.

Founder and writer for LRFIX. Jean has 25+ years of experience repairing small engines professionaly. He uses LRFIX charts regularly and recommends them to others, beginner and professional alike.

Heather H.

Photographer and editor for LRFIX. Heather has a lifelong passion for photography and decades of experience using and fixing small engines. "These charts are a godsend!"

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