LR Fix shares in the pride of keeping older cars, dirt bikes, ATVs, mowers, blowers, trimmers and other equipment functional beyond their natural end of life cycles.

All models eventually go out of production. When they do sometimes parts get scarce, knowledge gets thin and owners are left to their own ingenuity to get a little more life out of them. LR Fix is happy helping solve everyday challenges on older equipment and machinery, one at a time.


Leon has an electronics engineering degree and has completed additional courses on a wide range of related subjects from welding to electrical construction. Leon also has a lifelong passion for all things with an engine, both gasoline and electric powered, the older the better.

When Leon isn't in his barn tinkering with his collection of 1898-1920 hit-miss engines, or his extensive collection of older outdoor power equipment, or helping neighbors with theirs, he enjoys sharing his knowledge online. LR Fix is an extension of Leon's interests.



Contact info @ to let us know if we've helped, we'd love to hear from you.

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