Common Automotive Issues Explained

A little knowledge can help you extend the life of your old car. It can also help you save money by doing repairs yourself, or know when repairs should be left to an expert. This is the automotive category and here are some helpful articles to help you diagnose and fix older vehicle and related issues.

ReProgram Key Fobs Yourself

Learn How To Reprogram Key Fobs Yourself

Reprogramming a key fob is easy and can be done at home in a few simple steps, learn how on LRFix.

Junkyard Cars

How to Buy Junkyard Cars

I recently bought a used car that needed some TLC and a few replacement parts. It needed typical stuff you often find in a junkyard like a bumper, alternator and passenger door handle...

Spark Plug Gap

How to Gap Chevy 350 Spark Plugs

Chevrolet introduced the the first 350 engine in 1967 on Camaro models. In 1968 it was added as an option in Chevy Nova models and in 1969 it became a popular high-performance option on all Chevy vehicles...

How to Test Pickup Coils

How to Test Pickup Coils

To troubleshoot pesky engine starting issues it's often a good idea to test its ignition pickup coils, sometimes called spark coils. Typical ignition pickup coils have two coils of wire...

Overcharging Alternator Causes

Overcharging Alternator Causes

An alternator is designed to output slightly more voltage than a car battery is rated for. A typical 12 volt car battery, for example, requires...

Check Transmission Light Symbol

What a check transmission light means

The a check transmission symbol on most new vehicles has a simple gear symbol. On older vehicles the engine and transmission often share a warning light that looks like an engine...

BMW X5 Battery Location

BMW X5 Battery Location w/ FAQs

To gain access the battery you will need to remove the spare tire and remove the dome-shaped spare tire holding bracket below it. The bracket is held in place by 13mm bolts and, once removed...

What Happens If You Get Water in Your Fuel

What Happens If You Get Water in Your Fuel

The severity of issues created by having water in your fuel depend on the amount of water present. This is what happens when water gets...

How to paint over chrome plastic

How to paint over chrome plastic

This article is to help you learn how to paint over plastic chrome found on typical vehicle trim pieces. The process isn't difficult, anyone can do it...

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