BMW X5 Battery Location

By: Leon Rhodes

If you're trying to find the battery on a BMW X5 look in the trunk. The battery is located in the rear of the car below the spare tire underneath the tire holding bracket. Tip: If you can't find it follow the red battery cable connected to the battery.

BMW X5 Battery Location

To gain access the battery you will need to remove the spare tire and remove the dome-shaped spare tire holding bracket below it. The bracket is held in place by 13mm bolts and, once removed, you will have access to the battery.

How do you boost a BMW X5 battery?

The BMW E53 X5 has a positive(red) battery terminal mounted to the firewall, driver side, underneath the engine hood. Attach your positive(red) jumper cable to this terminal post and secure the negative(black) cable to one of the bare shock tower bolts next to it.

Where are the fuses on a BMW X5?

The fuses on a BMW X5 are located in the trunk area, passenger side, underneath a plastic cover. An easy access handle allows you to swing the fuse door open and on the inside you'll find a detailed electrical diagram indicating fuse purpose.

Where do you connect a battery charger on a BMW X5?

To connect a battery charger to your BMW X5 you have two options. #1 - With the battery in the car, connect the charger cables to the battery terminal post located under the hood, driver side. Option #2 - remove the battery and connect the charger directly to it.

BMW X5 Battery location video

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