About The Echo PB 260L Backpack Blower

By: Leon Rhodes

The PB 260L model of backpack-style leaf blower was manufactured by Echo Incorporated starting in 2006. At the time it was an affordable alternative to full-size blowers while being more powerful than hand-held units.

backpack leaf blower

If you're considering getting a used Echo PB 260L, or own one that needs some TLC, here are some tips and information you'll need to get it humming again.

Starting Procedure for the PB 260L

Move the throttle lever to the start position. Make sure the choke is in the 'cold start' position. Press the purge bulb repeatedly until fuel moves through the return(clear) line, and 4-5 times more as per the manufacturer's recommendation.

Next, pull the recoil handle outward until 2/3 of the length of string is visible and return it gently. If the unit didn't start try again. You'll need to re-prime the carburetor with the purge bulb after every 5 pulls.

When the engine is running turn the choke to the off position. To shut off the engine move the throttle lever to the detente position, wait a moment to settle the idle speed, then turn it off.

Spark Plugs for the PB 260L

You'll need a t-wrench and a feeler gauge to remove, inspect and replace the spark plug. The PB 260L model needs an NGK BPM-8Y spark plug (BPMR-8Y in Canada) to avoid engine damage.

Spark plug gap should be set to 0.65mm(0.026 in.) for this model. The PB 260L spark plug torque spec is 130-150 in. lb.

Echo PB 260L Specifications

PB 260L Carburetor Repair Video

Is the PB 260L Echo blower any good?

375 cu ft. of airflow from a backpack blower in this price range was a good deal. Replacement parts are still readily available for the PB 260L and, if well maintained, it is still a good blower today.

Where can I get a PB 260L manual?

Echo industries offers a free PB 260L maintenance manual in PDF format online, it's located on their official site at

Why does my Echo 260L blower stall?

The most common reason your echo 260L blower engine might stall is a clogged carburetor. Gas left inside the engine for a long time, such as during winter storage, can break down and leave deposits that prevent proper fuel flow.

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