Echo PB-260L Specs (Backpack Leaf Blower)

Here are the specs for the Echo PB-260L backpack leaf blower, manufactured by Echo Incorporated.

This page includes tips and information to help you operate, maintain and repair it.

The PB 260L model of backpack-style leaf blower was manufactured by Echo Incorporated starting in 2006.

At the time, it was an affordable alternative to full-size blowers while being more powerful than hand-held units.

Today, although out of production, the PB260L remains a good alternative to more expensive newer models.

It is a strong seller in online marketplaces because of its durability and performance. I've owned 3 for personal use around the shop because they do a great job and are built tough.

Here are the specs.

PB-260L Echo Backpack Leaf Blower Basics

To start an Echo PB 260L leaf blower, move the throttle lever to the start position and set the choke to the 'cold start' position.

Press the purge bulb repeatedly until fuel moves through the return(clear) line, and 4–5 times more per the manufacturer's recommendation.

Next, pull the rope handle outward until 2/3 of the length of string is visible and return it gently.

If the unit didn't start, try again. You'll need to re-prime the carburetor with the purge bulb after every 5 pulls.

Once the engine is running, return the choke lever to the off position.

To shut off your PB 260L blower, move the throttle lever to the "détente" (ready) position, wait a moment to settle the idle speed, then move the throttle lever to the off position.

PB-260L Echo Blower Specs

Echo PB 260L Specification
Length 14.8 in. (37.59 cm)
Width 16.1 in. (40.89 cm)
Height 18.1 in. (45.97 cm)
Weight 14.7 lbs (6.67 kg)
Engine Type Air-cooled 2-stroke
Displacement 25.4 cc
Bore 1.34 in. (34.03 mm)
Stroke 1.1 in. (27.94 mm)
Carburetor Walbro (w/ diaphragm)
Ignition Flywheel w/ magneto
Spark Plug Type NGK BPM-8Y (0.26 in. gap)
Exhaust Muffler w/ catalyst
Fuel Mixture 40 to 1 (gas/oil)*
Fuel Capacity 20.3 oz. (0.58 Liters)
Idle Speed 2,400 - 3,200 RPM
WOT Throttle Speed 7,000 - 9,000 RPM
Max Air Speed 155 MPH (249 KPH)
Loudness 65 dB @ 50 feet

* Important: If you are out of 40 to 1 mix fuel you can use 50.1 fuel mix but never run unmixed fuel as engine damage can occur quickly.

Troubleshooting your PB 260L leaf blower

I find my PB 260L blower to be very durable. It requires routine maintenance once per season, and occasionally a carburetor cleaning, but it is otherwise a dependable model.

If you have issues with your blower that are preventing it from starting or functioning properly, refer to the leaf blower troubleshooting guide for possible solutions.

Spark Plug for the PB 260L

The PB 260L model of leaf blower uses an NGK BPM-8Y spark plug (BPMR-8Y in Canada). You'll need a t-wrench and a feeler gauge to remove, inspect and replace the spark plug.

Spark plug gap should be set to 0.65 mm(0.026 in.). PB 260L spark plug torque should be set to between 130-150 in. lbs.

Is the PB 260L Echo blower any good?

375 cu ft. of airflow from a backpack blower in this price range was a good deal. Replacement parts are still readily available for the PB 260L and, if well maintained, it is still a good blower today.

The PB 260L blower benefits from the technology enhancements learned from Echo chainsaw production. Echo has been manufacturing power equipment for decades and has a proven track record for dependability and quality.

Where can I get a PB 260L manual?

Echo industries offer a free PB 260L maintenance manual in PDF format online, it's located on their official site at

Echo PB260L Backpack Leaf Blower Specs