Kawasaki Bayou 220 Carburetor Parts Diagram

By: Leon Rhodes

Repairing and maintaining a Kawasaki Bayou KLF220 engine is easy when you have detailed charts, spec sheets and parts information available.

Carburetor Diagram for the Bayou 220

This detailed engine spec sheet, parts list and repair info should help you get your Kawasaki Bayou 220 quad back to work and/or on the trails.

Bayou 220 Engine Details

Function Specifics
Brand NameMikuni
Engine Type4-stroke SOHC
CarburetorMikuni VM24SS
CoolingAir cooled
Fuel TypeUnleaded Regular, 87 Octane
Bore x Stroke Ratio67 x 61 mm (2.64 x 2.4 in)
Displacement215 cc
Compression Ratio9.3:1
Horsepower13–15 hp
Max Torque13 ft-lb @ 6,000 RPM
Oil Capacity2.2 U.S. quarts
Oil Type (cold to hot)SAE 10W-30, 10W-40, 10W-50
IgnitionCapacitor Discharge Ignition(CDI)
Timing10° @ 1,800 RPM – 35° @ 4,600 RPM
Spark PlugNGK D8EA (0.26 in. gap)

Bayou 220 Carb Diagram

This Bayou 220 Carb diagram is an illustration of how Bayou 220 carburetor parts are assembled. Each part on the diagram has a reference number, the table below should be used to find the exact matching carburetor part number referenced in the diagram.

Bayou 220 Carburetor Part Numbers

Reference Number Name Part Number
11009Float Chamber Gasket11009-1676
13091Holder - Needle Jet13091-1551
16002Cable Adjuster16002-011
16003Nut Adjust/Lock16003-006
16004Cap Chamber, Mixing16004-1055
16007Seat Spring16007-1111
16008Clamp, E-Type16008-010
16012Cap-Starter Plunger16012-1056
16014Screw - Pilot Air16014-1056
16016Plunger - Starter16016-1074
16017Jet - Needle O-016017-1346
16021Screw - Throttle16021-1126
16025Valve - Throttle16025-1150
16030Valve Float #1.516030-1066
16032Float Pin16032-003
16038Gasket, O-ring16038-016
16065Carb Holder16065-1157
49006ABoot, plunger49006-1235
49116Valve Assembly49116-1126
92022Washer, Valve92022-1024
92022AWasher, Pilot92022-1187
92037Clamp - Tube92037-1531
92055O-ring, Pilot Screw92055-1078
92055B32mm O-Ring92055-1256
920597x10x100 Tube92059-1736
92059A5x8x350 Tube92059-1843
92059B5x9.5x225 Tube92059-1889
92059C6x8x650 Tube92059-1937
92063Main Jet #110R92063-074
92063AMain Jet #112.5R92063-075
92063BMain Jet #115R92063-076
92063CMain Jet #117.5R92063-077
92063DMain Jet #120R92063-078
92064Pilot Jet #3092064-1157
92066Drain Plug92066-1171
92081Pilot Spring92081-1690
92081AThrottle Spring92081-1691
92144Throttle Stop Spring92144-1183

It's a good idea to have this Bayou 220 Carburetor parts list and diagram on hand if you plan to adjust or rebuild your carb, you never know when a part might break or get lost.

Bayou 220 Cylinder Head Torque Spec

Kawasaki Bayou cylinder head bolts require 25 ft. lbs of torque to properly keep the engine together. Whether you are rebuilding the top end or simply replacing a head gasket make sure to use a good torque wrench to set the right bolt torque value.

Having the correct Cylinder Head bolt torque value is especially important because of how much stress is placed on the cylinder head with each engine stroke. Too tight and bolts can break, too loose and they affect compression and allow oil blow-by.

What size motor is on a Kawasaki Bayou 220?

The Kawasaki 220 Bayou has a 215 cc motor capable of producing an estimated 14 HP and 17 ft. lbs of torque @6000 RPM.

Is the Kawasaki Bayou 220 engine reliable?

The Bayou 220 engine is very reliable when properly maintained and given regular oil changes. Bayou 220 engine reliability was a key selling feature that made the quad popular during it's 17 year production run. It remains popular and reliable today!

Kawasaki Bayou 220 Specs

Kawasaki manufactured the Bayou 220, model number KLF220, all-terrain vehicle from 1988 until it's replacement, the Bayou 250, was introduced in 2003.

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