About Great Dane Mowers

By: Leon Rhodes

Great Dane mowers, invented by Dane Scag, were manufactured by his company, Great Dane Power Equipment, starting in July of 1997. If you're wondering what happened to Great Dane mowers the brand was sold to John Deere a few years later.

It was then sold to Auburn Consolidated Ind.(ACI) in 2005 and sold once more in 2007 to Ariens Company. Production of the Great Dane brand was discontinued in 2010.

Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

If you don't know the name Dane Scag you probably know about BOB-CAT, the company he founded in the 70s that still makes equipment today. Dane passed away in 2013, he was 94.

  1. Do they still make Great Dane mower parts?

    Discontinued brands typically do not make new parts, however, existing stock, called new old stock(NOS), remains available until it eventually sells out. New old stock for Great Dane mowers is sometimes available from online marketplaces focused on used items.

  2. Where to find used Great Dane mower parts

    Because the brand passed through several owners some OEM Great Dane parts also moved between dealerships loyal to each owner making them difficult to source. You can often find 'new' old stock parts online in used item auctions and classifieds.

    Your best bet, however, is to find and/or salvage parts from other Great Dane lawn mowers available on your favorite used marketplace and/or lawn care forum.

  3. Are Great Dane mowers any good?

    Great Dane zero-turn and chariot mowers are very dependable, do a god job of cutting grass and are fairly popular as well. Parts are becoming more scarce but many Great Dane mowers are still in use, a testament to their durability.

  4. Who made Great Dane mowers?

    The Great Dane Power Equipment company originally designed and introduced Great Dane mowers to consumers. The brand was sold eventually sold to John Deere, Auburn Consolidated Ind. and the Ariens company, all of whom manufactured the mowers for a time.

  5. Who bought out Great Dane mowers?

    John Deere bought the Great Dane Power Equipment company to expand its home use product lineup. Subsequently, Auburn Consolidated Ind.(ACI) bought the rights from John Deere in 2005 and, in 2007, the Ariens Company purchased the rights from ACI.

  6. Who owns Great Dane mowers today?

    Although production has been discontinued since 2010, The Ariens Co located in Brillion, Wisconsin owns the rights to the Great Dane mower brand.

  7. Where can I get a Great Dane mower manual?

    Although the Ariens Co no longer produces mowers under the Great Dane brand name they do carry a lineup of mower manuals that can be accessed for free from their website. You can find them on the official Ariens site at

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