Are Homelite chainsaws still made?

By: Leon Rhodes

The short answer is yes, Homelite chainsaws are still produced. You can find them in the Homelite catalog. However, the longer answer is much more interesting and informative.

Are Homelite Chainsaws Still Made?

The year was 1963 when Homelite first made their most popular lightweight model for everyday use, the memorable XL-12 model. The 12 stood for 12 lbs, the weight of the chainsaw, which was revolutionary at the time because older models were bulky, heavy and often required two people to use.

Textron Acquired Homelite in the 1950's

By the time the most widely popular Homelite chainsaw, the XL-12 model, was in production the Homelite brand had already been sold by the Homelite Corporation to Textron. Textron, in turn, continued to innovate and market towards the home consumer market.

In the late 1970's Textron expanded the Homelite product line to include hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and lawn mowers. Sales remained strong for years and the Homelite brand was once again sold, this time to the John Deere company.

John Deere acquired Homelite in 1994

The John Deere company, based in Moline, Ill., was focused on manufacturing consumer products and, by acquiring the Homelite brand from Textron, was able to expand its product line significantly.

The sale included the homelite production plants and the existing work force of 2,000 employees continued making chainsaws under the Homelite brand name.

John Deere expanded on their line of chainsaws by offering a chainsaw named 'The Green Machine'. Sales were strong and the Homelite brand, including The Green Machine, was once again sold, this time to TechTronics Industries Co., Ltd. (TTI) of Hong Kong.

TechTronics Industries acquired Homelite in 2001

Techtronics Industries purchased the rights to the Homelite brand's handheld power equipment line from John Deere in 2001 and continued manufacturing electric Homelite chainsaws.

TechTronics does not currently produce replacement parts for older chainsaw models, such as the XL-12, but thanks to excellent durability and strong original sales they remain in use today.

What about Homelite chainsaw parts?

Homelite chainsaws from the 60's and 70's were so well-made and widely sold that parts are still available, however, TechTronics does not manufacture or sell new parts for old machines.

To replace parts on popular older Homelite brand chainsaws you need to look for new old stock(NOS) parts or salvage them from other old Homelite chainsaws. Fortunately, so many were made and sold to distributors that they continue to be readily available today.

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