Oil Type Options for Honda Lawn Mowers

Learn about Honda lawn mower oil types, alternatives, recommendations and other important factors.


Choosing the right oil type is vital for maintaining the performance and longevity of your Honda lawn mower. To help you make an informed decision, here is a breakdown of the oil type options available.

Recommended Oil: 10W-30 Motor Oil

For optimal performance, Honda currently recommends using 10W-30 motor oil in your lawn mower engine. The SAE-30 oil type they used to suggest was for older mower models.

10w-30 oil weight provides effective lubrication, ensuring smooth operation in various weather conditions.

Honda Lawn Mower Oil Type

Full Synthetic Oil: A Recommended Choice

Honda also suggests using full synthetic oil in their lawn mowers.

Synthetic oil offers enhanced protection against engine wear and tear, reducing friction and maintaining optimal performance.

Alternative Oil Types

There are some situations in which a lawn mower technician may recommend a different oil type for your Honda mower.

The most commonly recommended alternative choices include SAE-30, 5w30 and 10w40 type oils.

These will typically be suggested in specific situations, such as when your mower is heavily worn or when the ambient temperature dictates a change is needed.

Consider Your Climate

When selecting the oil, take into account the climate in your area.

In hot climates, 10W-30 oil is a suitable choice as it has a higher viscosity, which helps keep the engine cool.

In colder climates, 5W-30 oil is a better option as it offers improved lubrication in low temperatures and at startup.

Regular Oil Changes are Essential

To keep your Honda lawn mower running smoothly, it’s crucial to change the oil regularly. In fact, it’s likely more important to change the oil regularly than to worry about oil type.

Over time, oil can become dirty and lose its effectiveness, potentially causing damage to the engine, regardless of oil type.

By following the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil changes, you can extend the life of your Honda lawn mower a great deal.

Check the Oil Level

Before each use, it’s a good practice to check the oil level in your Honda lawn mower.

If the oil is low, add more oil to maintain proper lubrication and ensure the engine runs smoothly.

Again, the amount of oil is right up there with cleanliness in terms of importance.

Honda push lawn mower oil capacity is typically 48 oz or 64 oz* and should be changed every 100 hours, or annually, whichever comes first.

*Do not over fill your mower engine with oil.

Parting Tips

In conclusion, selecting the appropriate oil for your Honda lawn mower is essential for its performance and longevity, but don’t ignore the oil’s age or the mower’s capacity.

The vast majority of mowers I have to fix were not damaged because the owner used the wrong oil TYPE, but rather because they used the wrong oil AMOUNT, or didn’t change the oil at all.