How To Convert Engine Horsepower to CC

By: Leon Rhodes

Cubic centimeters(CC) is a measure of size and Horsepower(HP) is a measurement of power output. While these two measurement systems are not directly interchangeable it is still possible to convert engine HP to CC fairly quickly and easily.

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Step #1 - Determine your engine's maximum HP rating, this is typically found with the engine running at 5-6,000 revolutions per minute(RPM).

Step #2 - Multiply your engine's maximum HP rating by 16 to find an approximate size in CC.

Example - A 250 HP engine will typically be 4,000 CC in size. (250x16 = 4,000). It's important to keep in mind that the ratio of 1HP = 16CC is a generally accepted average for vehicle engines and that high performance modifications can change the ratio dramatically.

How many cc's are in 1 horsepower?

One horsepower is equal to roughly 16 cc. The ratio of 1HP to 16CC is an average of stock performance and size found in typical vehicle engines. Performance upgrades will affect the total ratio because horsepower will increase without an equal size increase.

How many hp is a 99cc engine?

Since one HP is equal to roughly sixteen cc, a 99cc engine will be roughly 6.1875 HP. 99 divided by 16 equals 6.1785. You can convert HP to CC or CC to HP using the same 1 HP = 16 cc ratio. For every 16 CC you should find 1 HP and for every 1 HP you should find 16 cc.

How much horsepower is 200cc?

The ratio of 1HP = 16cc is the same regardless of engine size. As such, a 200cc engine can be expected to produce 12.5 HP at peak RPM in stock condition.

Engine CC / HP Conversion Chart (estimate)

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