CC to HP Conversion

Do you need to convert CC to HP for your motorcycle, chainsaw, vehicle, or other small engine?

This page provides a handy CC to HP conversion calculator and explains everything you need to understand about CC, HP, and the conversion process.

CC to HP Converter


About Engine CC

What does cc mean in engines: cc stands for "cubic centimeter", a unit of measurement commonly used in the context of engine displacement.

Engine displacement is the total volume, measured in cuboc centimeters, of all the cylinders in an internal combustion engine.

When referring to the size of an engine, particularly in motorcycles and small vehicles, the measurement is often given in cubic centimeters (cc).

About Engine HP

What does HP mean in engines? HP stands for "horsepower," a unit of measurement commonly used to quantify the power or performance of an engine.

HP represents the rate at which work is done, and in the context of engines, it indicates the engine's output power.

When assessing the performance of vehicles, machinery, or other mechanical systems, horsepower is a standard metric for expressing their capability.

Small Engine Example

A 725cc Kohler engine from a Troy-Built 46 inch Super Bronco riding mower is rated by the manufacturer as having 22HP.

725cc divided by 22HP yields roughly one HP per 33cc.

Super Bronco Riding Mower with 22HP Small Engine

CC to HP Formula

There isn't a direct conversion between CC and HP because horsepower depends on various factors, including engine efficiency and design.

As a rough estimate for small engines(mowers, chainsaws, etc) , you should use the rule of thumb that 33 CC is approximately equal to 1 horsepower. However, this is a generalization and may not hold exactly true for all small engines.


  • HP=CC×33 (for small engines like chainsaws and mowers)
  • HP=CC×15 (for vehicles like motorcycles and cars)

CC-HP Efficiency

Convert CC to HP

Keep in mind that the CC to HP conversion is a rule of thumb and doesn't consider factors like engine efficiency.

High-quality engines are more efficient, so they can generate more HP for the same CC. Therefore, two mowers with the same CC may have different actual HP outputs due to engine design and build quality.

Importance of Torque in Calculations

While CC and HP are vital, torque is equally essential in determining engine output performance.

Torque is measured in inch-lbs and foot-lbs. Learn more: Inch-lbs to Foot-lbs Converter.