CC / HP Conversion Chart (Power Numbers)

If you have a small engine and know how many cc’s it has and would like to know how many horsepower that roughly equates to this small engine CC to HP conversion chart can help.

Converting between cubic centimeters (cc) and engine horsepower (hp) is not an exact science, however, the generally accepted base conversion formula is 15cc = 1 HP.

Engine performance and overall engine condition may dramatically affect the actual final conversion value.

What is engine CC and HP?

CC stands for cubic centimeters. Engine CC is a measurement of the overall size of an engine’s combustion chamber. The size of an engine’s combustion chamber, measured in cubic centimeters, determines the engine’s power potential. Horsepower is a measurement of power equal to 745.7 watts.

Performance Plays a Role

It’s important to understand that an engine’s performance characteristics can greatly affect the actual horsepower per cc ratio of that engine.

Example: A finely tuned supercar might be able to generate 1 HP for every 5-6 cc, while a poorly maintained small engine may only generate 1 HP per 30-45 cc.

Engine CC / HP Conversion Chart (1 HP = 15 cc)

  • 15cc = 1 HP
  • 50cc = 3.33 HP
  • 100cc = 6.66 HP
  • 150cc = 10 HP
  • 200cc = 13.33 HP
  • 250cc = 16.66 HP
  • 300cc = 20 HP
  • 350cc = 23.33 HP
  • 400cc = 26.66 HP
  • 450cc = 30 HP
  • 500cc = 33.33 HP
  • 550cc = 36.66 HP
  • 600cc = 40 HP
  • 650cc = 43.33 HP
  • 700cc = 46.66 HP
  • 750cc = 50 HP
  • 800cc = 53.33 HP
  • 850cc = 56.66 HP
  • 900cc = 60 HP
  • 950cc = 63.33 HP
  • 1000cc = 66.66 HP
  • 1500cc = 100 HP
  • 2000cc = 133.33 HP

High Horsepower Engine

Base HP per CC varies by engine type

Different types of engines have different performance characteristics. 15cc per HP is a baseline average, but you can modify the base HP per cc value of your conversions to match the vehicle type for more accurate results. This list should help.

  • ATVs = 13-18 cc / HP
  • Cars = 7-15 cc / HP
  • Jet skis = 5-10 cc / HP
  • Lawnmowers = 25-40 cc / HP
  • Motorcycles = 5-15 cc / HP
  • Outboard engines = 15-25 cc / HP
  • Snowmobiles = 5-22 cc / HP

HP/CC Conversion Factors to Consider

  • Is the engine turbocharged?
  • Does the engine have performance parts?
  • Has the engine been properly maintained?
  • Was the engine designed for performance use?
  • How old is the engine?
  • How many hours has the engine been used?
  • What type of fuel does the engine run on?
  • How many RPM is the engine capable of?
  • At what altitude is the engine being used?
  • Is the engine properly tuned?

The answer to all of these questions can modify the actual final conversion value. Consider them when converting HP vs CC because more performance means more horsepower from the same number of cubic centimeters.

How many CCs are in 1 HP?

One horsepower is equal to roughly 15 cc of displacement in a well maintained small engine. Power output increases, such as from using performance parts, without a matching increase in engine displacement size will the power output of the engine.

How many HP is a 99cc engine?

The power output of a 99cc engine is roughly 6.6 HP.

How much horsepower is 200cc?

A well maintained 200cc small engine can expect to produce 13.33 HP at peak RPM in stock condition. Whatever the cc value of your engine, divide it by 15 to get a good ballpark horsepower value. For specific readings, a dyno test is required.