Maintaining a well-groomed lawn can be quite the task, requiring dedication and the right tools. For many lawn owners, a reliable lawn mower is an invaluable asset.

However, when faced with a mower that's not performing up to par, a crucial decision arises: should you opt for a rebuild of the engine or invest in a brand-new machine?

In this article, we explore the advantages and drawbacks of both options, helping lawn owners make an informed choice for their mowing needs.

Whether it's worth replacing a lawn mower engine, especially for a self-propelled mower, depends on the extent of the damage to the current engine and the cost of replacement.

Weighing Your Options: Rebuilding or Buying a New Lawn Mower Engine

Is It Worth Replacing a Lawn Mower Engine

Here are some pros and cons to consider replacing a lawn mower engine.


  • Lower cost: In many cases, replacing the engine can be a more affordable option than buying a brand-new lawn mower.
  • Upgraded performance: If you opt for a higher-powered engine, you may experience better performance and a smoother cutting experience.
  • Customization options: When replacing the engine, you may have the option to customize other components, such as the air filter or carburetor, to better suit your needs.
  • Less maintenance: A new lawn mower will likely require less maintenance in the short term, since all the components are new and in good condition.
  • Safer: Newer lawn mowers may come with safety features such as automatic shut-off mechanisms that can prevent accidents.


  • Higher cost: Buying a brand-new lawn mower can be more expensive than just replacing the engine.
  • Environmental impact: Purchasing a new lawn mower contributes to waste and may not be the most environmentally friendly option.
  • Less customization: With a new lawn mower, you may not have the same level of customization options as you would with just replacing the engine on your existing mower.
  • Less personal attachment: If you have been using the same lawn mower for years and have developed a personal attachment to it, buying a new one may not provide the same emotional value.
  • May not be necessary: Depending on the condition of your current lawn mower, it may not be necessary to replace it entirely, and just replacing the engine may be a more practical solution.

As I mentioned earlier, the cost to rebuild a lawn mower engine can vary based on several factors, such as the make and model of the mower and the extent of the repairs needed.

Here are some estimated costs to give you an idea of what you might expect to pay:

  • For a basic rebuild that includes cleaning the engine, replacing gaskets, and inspecting and replacing worn parts, you can expect to pay between $200 and $400.
  • If your engine needs more extensive repairs, such as replacing the piston and cylinder or the crankshaft, the cost could be significantly higher. In some cases, a full engine replacement might be more cost-effective than rebuilding.
  • Labor costs can also vary depending on where you live and the shop you choose. Some shops might charge by the hour, while others may offer a flat rate for specific repairs.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether to Replace the Engine or Buy a New Lawn Mower

When making the decision of whether to replace your lawn mower engine or buy a new one, there are several factors to consider:

  • The condition of your current lawn mower: If the rest of the machine is in good condition, it may be more practical and cost-effective to just replace the engine.
  • The age of your lawn mower: Is it a vintage lawn mower or still under warranty? it may be more cost-effective to have it repaired or replaced under warranty rather than investing in a new engine.
  • The cost of replacement: If the cost of replacing the engine is more than half of the cost of a brand-new lawn mower, it may be more practical to just purchase a new one.
  • Your budget: If you have a limited budget, replacing the engine may be the more affordable option. Keep an eye out for discount mower sales.
  • Your personal attachment to your current lawn mower: If you have developed an emotional attachment to your current lawn mower, replacing the engine may be a better option than buying a new one.


Ultimately, the decision of whether to replace your lawn mower engine or buy a new one comes down to your individual circumstances and priorities.

If you have a strong emotional attachment to your current machine or the rest of the machine is in good condition, replacing the engine may be the better option.

However, if you are looking for upgraded features and better performance, investing in a brand-new lawn mower may be the way to go.

Consider the pros and cons, as well as the factors to consider, when making your decision, and you can be confident that you are making an informed choice.

One last consideration

Consider upgrading to an eco-friendly lawn mower, now would be a good time!