How to Locate the Carburetor On Your Mower (Fast)

Finding the carburetor on a lawn mower can be tricky because it's usually hidden behind other parts, and different mower brands put it in different spots.

The carburetor on a lawn mower is typically located behind the air filter, on the side of the engine, and at least partly obscured from view.

This carburetor location guide is for beginners who want to find, service, or remove a lawn mower carburetor.

It provides additional tips and tricks for anyone asking "Where is the Carburetor on a Lawn Mower?".

Where is the Carburetor on a Lawn Mower

Find the Air Filter Housing

Because the carburetor on a lawn mower is typically located behind an air filter, finding the air filter cover/housing is a good first step to finding the carburetor itself.

In this image of a common lawn mower, the carburetor location is shown, but as you can see, the carburetor is partially hidden behind the air filter housing.

Lawn Mower Carburetor Location Diagram

Remove the Air Filter

To give yourself a better view of the carburetor on a lawn mower, remove the air filter and air filter housing.

In the following Image I've removed the bolt holding the air filter in place so that and you can see the carburetor clearly.

Lawn Mower Carburetor Location

What a Mower Carburetor Looks Like

The carburetor on a push lawn mower typicaly has a purge bulb on one side that looks like a ball. It also has one or more carb linkage springs attached to make it work properly.

As you can see in the following closeup image, the carburetor looks like a tube surrounded by mechanical components.

Lawn Mower Carburetor Closeup View

My Mower Carburetor Looks Different, Why?

There are many brands of lawn mower and each mower brand has many mower models. This means that there are a lot of different carburetor designs on lawn mowers.

Don't worry, all carburetors do the same thing. They mix air with fuel and deliver it to the engine in the right amounts.

That means, regardless of what your carb looks like, it will be located near the fuel tank and have an air filter attached.

Following the steps above will help you locate your carb regardless of what it looks like.

The carburetor pictured on my lawnmower is a common plastic model made by Briggs and Stratton, but yours may differ slightly.

Another common model is called a pulse-jet carburetor which has a significantly different appearance, but both do the same thing.

Why do I Need to Know?

Once you know where the carburetor is located on your mower, you can perform several mower maintenance tasks and troubleshoot several common mower problems yourself.

For example, as you can see in the image, needing to clean the mower carb is a normal occurence.

While you may not need to remove the carburetor, you can do that too. If it has stale fuel in it, or needs a purge bulb replacement, or needs the gaskets or jets replaced, removing the carburetor from the mower is advised.

Now that you know what your lawn mower carb looks like, and where it is, you can do all of these things yourself and save some money by not needing a mower repair shop to do it for you.

Still Can't Find the Carb?

If you till can't find the carburetor on your mower, try this.

  • Find the fuel line connected to your mower's gas tank.
  • Follow the fuel line away from the gas tank.
  • Locate where the fuel is going on the other end.

The fuel line delivers fuel to the carburetor and is attached to it. Follow the fuel line and you'll find the carb.

Additional Resources

If you are trying to find the carburetor on your mower for the first time, to diagnose or service it, it's a good idea to know a bit more about the throttle linkage and springs.

Here is my mower linkage and springs diagram for a typical Briggs and Stratton mower engine.

Additionaly, here is my mower carb cleaning guide, in case you need to clean yours.