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A little knowledge and some basic tools is usually all you need to keep an older ATV, dirt-bike or side-by-side working a little longer.

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Convert Horsepower to CC

Convert Horsepower to CC

Learn how to convert Horsepower(HP) to Cubic Centimeters (CC). Visit the LR FIX simple HP / CC conversion chart for help...

Meaning of SAE in Tools

The meaning of SAE in tools

Learn what SAE means when it comes to tools like sockets and wrenches. By learning about the different measurement systems you can better choose the right tool for the job at hand...

Dirt Bike Exhaust

2-Stroke Exhaust Leak Repair Guide

2-stroke exhaust systems are subjected to extreme heat and vibration during regular use which, over-time, can cause exhaust system corrosion and leaks...

Studded Dirt Bike Tire

Studding Dirt Bike Tires

Studded tires usually provide better traction on hard snow and ice, especially for dirt bikes. Adding studs, referred to as studding the tires, is a simple process that any rider can...

Off-Road Tire

Off-road tire Use

Off-road tires can be used on the road where allowed, however, their performance will suffer. It's not good to drive on pavement with...

Kawasaki Bayou 220 Specs

Kawasaki Bayou 220 Specs

Kawasaki manufactured the Bayou 220, model number KLF220, all-terrain vehicle from 1988 until it's replacement, the Bayou 250, was introduced in 2003. Years made...

How to Make Your Car a Little Louder

How to Make Your Car a Little Louder

How a car sounds is important to enthusiasts that take pride in how their cars look and perform. If you are searching for a low buck method to give your car a louder...

Is off-roading bad for your car?

Is off-roading bad for your car?

Overall, driving off-road isn’t necessarily harmful to your vehicle. Minor problems with your car and truck are common while going off-road, but if you take the right precautions...

MM Sockets vs Standard Size

MM Sockets vs Standard Size (Conversion Chart)

Sockets are available in metric and standard sizes but what if you need to switch between the two measurement systems? Why is one socket too small while the next is too loose? Argh! I get it and...

Rear Main Seal Replacement Value

Rear Main Seal Replacement Value

The benefits of replacing a damaged rear main seal are improved performance and restored efficiency, but are they worth the time and cost required? Options...

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