Mixing oil and fuel for 2-cycle engines can be straightforward with the right guidance.

Using the correct oil-to-fuel ratio for your power equipment is important. This 2-cycle oil mix chart and an oil/fuel mix calculator can help.

Oil Mix Chart

Mix RatioGas Volume2-Cycle Oil
Imperial Fluid Ounces (US)
32 To 11 gal.4 oz.
40 To 11 gal.3.2 oz.
50 To 11 gal.2.6 oz.
Metric Fluid Milliliters (Canada)
32 To 11 liter31.25 ml
40 To 11 liter25 ml
50 To 11 liter20 ml

Oil Mix Calculator

2-cycle Oil Mix Calculator

What is a 2-Cycle Engine

A 2-cycle engine, also known as a two-stroke engine, completes a power cycle in two strokes of the piston (one up and one down).

2-Cycle Engines Need Mixed Fuel

Two-stroke engines require an oil-fuel mixture for lubrication, cooling, and sealing.

Common Mix Ratios

Common mix ratios for two-stroke engines include 50 to 1, 40 to 1, and 32 to 1.

Using Synthetic Oil

You can typically use synthetic oil when mixing 2-stroke fuel, but always check with the machine's manufacturer for specific instructions.

How to Mix 2 Cycle Oil

2-Cycle Oil Mix

To mix 2-cycle oil:

  1. Check Ratio: Confirm the manufacturer's recommended oil-to-fuel ratio for your specific 2-stroke engine.
  2. Use Measuring Tools: Use a dedicated measuring cup or ratio-specific container to ensure precise measurements.
  3. Pour Fuel First: Pour the required amount of gasoline into a clean, approved container.
  4. Add Oil: Add the appropriate amount of 2-cycle oil to the container following the recommended ratio.
  5. Secure Lid: Close the container tightly and shake it well to achieve a thorough and consistent mixture.
  6. Fuel Up: Pour the mixed fuel into your 2-stroke engine's fuel tank and follow the manufacturer's instructions for starting and running.

Mixed Fuel Shelf Life

The shelf life of mixed fuel for 2-cycle engines depends on various factors, including the type of oil used, storage conditions, and the presence of stabilizers.

Fuel Mixing FAQs

Which ratio has more oil, 40 or 50 to 1?

A 40 to 1 fuel mixture contains more oil than a 50 to 1 fuel mixture.

Is 2-stroke and 2-cycle the same thing?

Yes, both terms refer to the number of piston strokes per complete combustion cycle, they mean the same thing.