Overgrown Yard Before and After (Dramatic Results)

As you can see in the overgrown yard before and after video below, this property was in urgent need of maintenance. The grass was overgrown, the shrubs needed attention and the sidewalk had not been edged in ages.

I find the video extremely satisfying to watch because it plays well at a fast speed, and it doesn’t need narrating to understand what is going on.

Overgrown Yard Cleanup

This great before and after yard cleanup example will show you which tools to use. It will also show you the best order in which you can complete an overgrown yard cleanup.

Trimming the edges first is a good practice to have. It helps avoid damaging something when riding the zero-turn mower later. Always inspect an overgrown yard on foot first to find any obstacles that may damage your power equipment.

As you’ll see in the video, using a weed eater (trimmer) to trim the edges of a lawn is a good first step because you will see the obstacles as you walk around, and you can trim around them.

Before making videos in the lawn care field, Fill, the man responsible for this before and after video, ran a podcast to focus on sharing small engine business knowledge with other mechanics.
His channel has grown since his small engine nation days, it’s impressive.

Overgrown Yard Before and After Video

Should you pull or cut the weeds in a flower bed?

Definitely pull them by hand, including the root, just like Fill demonstrates in the video. The reason you want to avoid cutting weeds with a trimmer is because they will likely grow back quickly.

Properly Maintained Yard

What Power Equipment was used to do this restoration?

A lawn trimmer, a sidewalk edger, a backpack style leaf blower and a zero-turn mower were used to complete this yard restoration.

It also appears a trimmer with a shrub cutting attachment was used to trim the large bushes. It’s hard to see it clearly, Fill moves so quickly in this video!

If you liked the video and would like to see more overgrown yard before and after examples, you can visit Fill’s channel on YouTube. He takes pride in his work and uploads new videos regularly. I shared this video because it was particularly satisfying to watch.