How To Reprogram Key Fobs Yourself in 5 Easy Steps

By: Leon Rhodes

A vehicle key fob is a wireless remote entry device capable of locking and unlocking car and truck doors from a distance. Some key fobs have added functionality that can also activate the vehicle's alarm system, open the trunk and start the vehicle.

ReProgram Key Fobs Yourself

Reprogramming a key fob to work with your vehicle is easy, if you know the proper sequence. I'll describe how you can reprogram a keyfob yourself in 5 easy steps below. I'll also share a couple of simple key fob remote entry troubleshooting tips at the bottom of the page. Let's get started.

FAQ: Common key fob troubleshooting questions

I hope this guide helped answer your key FOB questions and saved you some money. If you need additional help please send me your questions.

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