About Studding Dirt Bike Tires

By: Leon Rhodes

Studded tires usually provide better traction on hard snow and ice, especially for dirt bikes. Adding studs, referred to as studding the tires, is a simple process that any rider can do at home with a few simple tools.

Studded Dirt Bike Tire

Old dirt-bike tires work well for studding purposes so if you plan on getting a new set for summer keep the old ones for winter use only. Once studded, removal of studs(or screws) weakens the tire so it's not recommended.

When studding with screws an inner-tube is required to keep the tire inflated. Additionally, the more aggressive your intended riding is the shorter the stud or screw should be.

How do you 'stud' a tire with screws?

To add screws to a tire first remove the tire and drill holes in it with a 1/8 inch drill bit where you want the screws to stick out. Insert 1/4 to 1-1/4 inch masonry screws(tapcons work, length depends on tire thickness) from the inside and secure them on the outside by cross-threading a small bolt onto the screw.

Why add grip studs to tires in winter?

Studding dirt bike tires(adding sharp little spikes) gives them better handling characteristics on hard pack snow and ice. Snow riders and ice racers stud their tires for added stability and traction while riding.

Are grip studs or screws better for winter dirt bike tires?

In racing conditions, grip studs are the better option. For dirt-bike trail riding or to save on cost, concrete screws secured with bolts are a more popular option. The cost difference is significant.

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