Troubleshooting Leaf Blower Issues

By: Leon Rhodes

The process of troubleshooting a gas powered leaf blower is similar for every brand, make and model. Follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve common leaf blower issues.

Troubleshooting leaf blowers

Page Contents - Common Blower Issues

Leaf Blower Won't Start

The most common reason a gas powered leaf blower won't start is because the blower engine is not receiving sufficient clean fuel, air and/or spark. You can eliminate possible starting issues by using a process of elimination, from easiest issue to repair to most difficult. Here's how.

Leaf Blower Won't Stay Running

Leaf Blower Leaks Fuel

Leaf Blower Blows Smoke

Leaf Blower Overheats

Leaf Blower Vibrates Excessively

Leaf Blower Won't Turn Over

Leaf Blower Storage

The best leaf blower troubleshooting practice is to prevent issues before they happen. Regular blower maintenance can delay, if not prevent, issues from happening. Long term leaf blower storage of more than 30 days should include the following steps

In conclusion...

Follow manufacturer recommendations and consult with an experienced small engine mechanic before performing small engine repairs for the first time.

A systematic approach to troubleshooting leaf blower issues should focus on each engine function independently, from easiest to fix to most difficult. I hope you found this leaf blower troubleshooting guide helpful.

This socket conversion chart can help if you don't have the right wrench or socket size to fix your leaf blower.

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