What Is a Brushless Lawn Mower (Explained)

Curious about brushless lawn mowers? Want to know what brushless means and how they work?

This guide explains what is a brushless lawn mower, its advantages over conventional mowers, and its drawbacks.

Brushless Lawn Mower Definition

A brushless mower is a type of lawn mower that utilizes an electric-powered motor system that doesn't use conventional contact brushes to generate power.

Older electric motors have contact points, known as brushes, that allow electricity to pass through the armature, but brushless mowers do not.

A brushless motor powered lawn mower offers improved efficiency, reduced maintenance, quieter operation, and is considered more environmentally friendly compared to traditional mowers.

What is a Brushless Lawn Mower

What are Motor "Brushes"?

In a traditional mower, brushes refer to the components of the motor system that come into contact with the commutator to generate power.

They are typically made of carbon or graphite and help in conducting electricity from the power source to the motor's rotating parts.

However, brushes are prone to wear and require regular maintenance, such as replacement and cleaning, to ensure optimal performance.

A brushless motor does not wear out as quickly or require as much maintenance as a traditional motor, the brushes have been eliminated.

Advantages of Brushless Lawn Mowers

One of the biggest advantages of brushless lawn mowers is their efficiency. These machines can provide a more efficient cutting experience, thanks to their advanced brushless motors.

They also have a longer lifespan, since brushless motors require less maintenance and produce less wear and tear.

Brushless lawn mowers are also quieter than traditional mowers, making them an ideal choice for early morning or late evening lawn care sessions.

Maintenance Requirements for Brushless Lawn Mowers

Despite their durability and low-maintenance design, brushless lawn mowers still require some maintenance to keep them in good working condition.

To keep your brushless lawn mower in good condition, it's important to perform some basic maintenance tasks.

Be sure to keep the machine clean by wiping down the exterior and removing any grass or debris from the cutting deck.

You should also periodically check the blades for damage or wear, and sharpen or replace them as needed to ensure optimal cutting performance.

Another key maintenance need is to lubricate the machine's moving parts, such as the wheels, bearings, and, if the manufacturer recommends it, the motor bearings.

Check the owner's manual for specific instructions on how to lubricate these parts properly.

Additionally, you should inspect the battery regularly to ensure it's holding a charge and functioning properly.

If you notice any issues with your brushless lawn mower, such as reduced cutting power or strange noises, be sure to troubleshoot the problem promptly to prevent motor damage.

This may involve consulting the owner's manual or seeking the help of a professional repair technician.

By staying on top of these basic maintenance needs, you can help ensure that your brushless lawn mower lasts for many years of trouble-free use.

Choosing the Right Brushless Lawn Mower

When choosing a brushless lawn mower, there are several factors to consider, such as the size of your lawn, the type of grass you have, and your budget.

If you have a large lawn or one with hills and uneven terrain, you may want a mower with a wider cutting deck and a more powerful brushless motor.

Battery life and charging time are also important considerations. Make sure the battery is powerful enough to handle your lawn size, and that it has a long enough runtime to complete the job without frequent recharges.

You should also think about how long it takes to charge the battery, as this will impact how quickly you can get back to mowing.

Additional features to consider include the cutting height adjustment, mulching capabilities, mower weight, and ease of maneuverability.

Look for a model with an adjustable cutting height that can accommodate the length of your grass, and consider whether you want a mower that can mulch or bag clippings.

Finally, choose a model that is easy to maneuver, particularly if you have tight spaces or obstacles to navigate in your lawn.

The best brushless lawn mower for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.